We are set on the mission to build a more humane, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable society.

We are all interconnected, and so are the organizations and society as a whole. It is the philosophy of NeoSmile which reflects the social responsibility of the organizations for which it attempts to channel help towards their development and upliftment. The underlying belief is to make a positive contribution to society, ensure environmental sustainability, and strive to create a healthier world and enrich the lives of all. Touching hundreds of lives through extensive CSR initiatives, the spirit of NeoSmile adheres to its underlying principle of giving back to society and giving high priority to human life, well-being, safety, and compliance. 

Ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility

Wish Tree


Trees planted to reduce 5.5 tons
of carbon emission.

Renewable Energy Network


Rural livelihoods positively impacted
by solar power.

Wellness Blood Drive


Donors volunteered to make a difference.


NeoSmile is on a mission to create a sustainable livelihood for the marginalized and under-privileged sections of society. NeoSmile pursues core values such as transparency, integrity, trust, compassion, respect, and accountability towards all our partners and the outreach programs we undertake.

Shared values define what we stand for as an organization and underpin our working principles. They shape our culture and enable us to work together to achieve our wider vision.


We are accountable for our actions and take ownership of the work we do. We value reliability and do not overcommit. We honor commitments that are clear and transparent with both – our actions and words.

Social Equity

We are committed to social equity and show respect and tolerance towards people. We strive to build value in every contribution that we make and maintain no biases

People Focused

We are committed to social equity and show respect and tolerance towards people. We strive to build value in We are people-centered and place humanity at the heart. Being service-minded, we harness sustainable and collaborative relationships. biases


We work keeping integrity at the core and speak for what we believe to be right and uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct.


We hold high respect for the people whom we work with or whom we work for – society, collaborators, partners, and stakeholders.


We encourage an environment of continuous improvement, innovation, excellence, and value independent thoughts

Touching Lives, Holistically.

NeoSmile CSR programs aim to create sustainable well-being for the lives around us. The guiding principle is Impact through Empowerment and the programs that we undertake aim at creating meaningful opportunities and building an equitable and sustainable future for the lives around us.


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