Creating Inclusive & Sustainable Communities

NeoSmile Foundation is a section 8(1) non-profit organization incorporated in 2019. The spirit of NeoSmile Foundation is to create equitable, inclusive & sustainable change that will positively impact 10 Million lives by 2025. Through our CSR initiatives, NeoSmile Foundation has touched the lives of countless individuals, embodying the spirit of giving back to the community and valuing human life, safety, and compliance above all else.

Ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility

Wish Tree


Trees planted to reduce 5.5 tons of carbon emission.

Renewable Energy Network


Rural livelihoods positively impacted by solar power.

Wellness Blood Drive


Donors volunteered to make a difference.

Powering Digital Classrooms


Students introduced to computer science.


At NeoSmile Foundation, we aim to establish a sustainable livelihood for underprivileged and marginalized communities. We strive to embody fundamental values such as transparency, integrity, trust, compassion, respect, and accountability in all our partnerships and outreach initiatives.

Our core values provide the foundation for our organization's ethos and guide our approach to achieving our vision. They inform our culture and help us collaborate to make a positive impact.


We are accountable for our actions and own our CSR initiatives. We value reliability and do not overcommit. We honor clear and transparent commitments with both our actions and words.

Social Equity

At our core, we are dedicated to promoting social equity and treating everyone with respect and tolerance. We place a high value on every individual's contributions and work to eliminate any biases hindering progress toward a more equitable society.

People Focused

We are people-centered, place humanity at heart, and harness sustainable and collaborative relationships.


We work keeping integrity at the core, speak for what we believe to be accurate, and uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct.


We highly respect the people we work with or work for – society, collaborators, partners, and stakeholders.


We foster an environment of continuous improvement, innovation, and excellence and value independent thoughts.

Our Mentors

Mr. AL Rathi Chairman

Our Chairman is a thought-leader and visionary who understands how to deploy technology and innovation to achieve social transformation.

Mr. Nikhil Rathi Founder

Nikhil's commitment to social initiatives is a valuable asset to achieving our CSR goals, and he actively works towards creating a better world through his unique perspective.

Mr. Nishant Rathi Founder

Nishant is committed to making a positive impact on both the community and the environment. He passionately mentors various CSR programs and has supported the Foundation since its inception.

Our Partners


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